Go on a Hike on Your Next St. Augustine Vacation

Due to the sheer variety and the numerous gorgeous vistas, hiking in St. Augustine is a treat. Make sure you select your favorite of the available Saint Augustine vacation rentals to enjoy all the local sights and sounds of nature. We cover our four favorite trails in and near the city, and what you can expect when visiting. 

Bella Vista Trail

The Bella Vista Trail is incredibly accessible. At just 1.8 miles through largely flat terrain, the trail offers a brisk and convenient adventure through the maritime hammocks of northeast Florida. The trail is also a loop, meaning you can see as much of the foliage as possible without doubling back over your steps.

The Bella Bista Trail sits inside the sensation Washington Oaks gardens in southern St. Johns County.

For heavy hiking enthusiasts, the Bella Vista Trail may be too easy of a romp. But for casuals looking for a leisurely stroll alongside some elegant southern magnolia, large hickory trees, waterside vistas, and thick cabbage palms, it is the ideal place to visit. Bikers are also welcome in certain areas by the beginning and end of the trail along A1A Beach Blvd. Washington oaks sits off A1A, and is tucked between the Matanzas River and the Atlantic. Entrance to Washington oaks does require a small fee of around $5 for vehicles and $2 for bikes.

hiking trail

Ancient Dunes Trail

Inside Anastasia State Park, you will discover an array of special tours and trails throughout the epic ecosystem of the region’s mangroves, maritime hammocks, and tidal marshes. Along the Salt Run soars predatory birds and colorful spoonbills, among many other special creatures. One of the most noteworthy things to do is to hike the ancient dunes trail while enjoying the St. Augustine weather. The trail itself is wide and open, spanning the beachside along the Salt Run as you weave up and down the beach.

This particular trail is the official nature trail at the park. It is great for families at just .7 miles. Entrance to the trail requires park admission. It is $8 per vehicle and $2 for pedestrians and bikes (though this beach trail is not conducive for bikes).

Fort Matanzas Nature Trail

Fort Matanzas National Monument is an impressive fortified watchtower with a fascinating history. It has stood for generations (since 1742) defending the city’s southern entrance via water. Now, it is only accessible by ferry.

Before or after taking the ferry on over to the trail, you can venture along the Fort Matanzas Nature Trail. This extremely short and accessible little trailside loops you along the river atop lifted boardwalks and through light dunes.

The oaks and maritime forests make an ideal backdrop. But watch as they reveal the gorgeous glowing blue waters of the famous Matanzas River. There is a restroom at the start of the trail. Ferry access may be limited and require an entrance fee, but the trail is free. For cost and ease, this is one of the finest hiking trails in St. Augustine.

Plan Your Vacation

If these local trails have you excited to visit St. Augustine, you are in for a treat when you visit. The area is packed with gorgeous scenery and things to see. Find your dream St. Augustine rental for your next trip!

Pine Loop Trail

Faver-Dykes State Park contains a fantastic trail. The Pine Loop Trail sinks and slides along the quiet Pellicer Creek. Finding the trail itself requires a bit of patience, but it is worth the extra energy. The trail sits beyond the park entrance near the salt marsh. It is denser and tighter than other trails on this list, carrying you through coastal pine Flatwoods, wax myrtles, and saw palmettos hang delicately and densely over you. It is also a very popular spot for birdwatchers where predatory birds, like ospreys and eagles, are known to hang high over the brush. 

Entrance to Faver-Dykes State Park is about $5 for vehicles. The main pine trail is about .5 miles long.

Choose your favorite St. Augustine beach rental and secure your well-earned vacation escape. Stay outdoors, soak in nature, and appreciate the magic of this famous northeast Florida nook.