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Where is St. Augustine?

Known as the ancient city, and for good reason, St. Augustine has steadily grown through the ranks to sit as one of Florida’s finest vacation getaways. So what makes St. Augustine so spectacular? And perhaps just as importantly- where is ... read more
guy running out to surf

Go Surfing on Your Next St. Augustine Vacation

Surfing is a major part of the cultural identity of St. Augustine. So what better way to steep yourself in the ancient city by grabbing a surfboard, learning about surfing, and hitting the waves with enthusiasm? We cover everything you ... read more
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Get Up Close to St. Augustine Wildlife

At seemingly every corner of historic St. Augustine, from the tight canals to the open river, from the dense marshland to the cobbled streets, rests some kind of wildlife. The birds soar through the air and the dolphin prance in ... read more
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Where Can You Go Golfing in St. Augustine?

St. Augustine is home to a number of splendid places to play golf. Be sure to find the best spots for you when you stay at one of our acclaimed St. Augustine condo rentals.  From northeast Florida’s king of golfing ... read more
faver-dykes state park

The Best Parks to Visit in St. Augustine, FL

Looking for an affordable place to spend the day in St. Augustine? You don’t need to drop a lot by visiting any of the top St. Augustine parks. We compiled a quick list of the finest parks for your whole ... read more
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Visit the St. Augustine Distillery on Your Next Vacation

A cocktail in hand. A spot by the beach. The ancient city may be well known for its stunning beachside havens and historic architecture, but for some, they are all in service of something else- a good drink. This is ... read more
biscuits and gravy

Dine at One of These Top Breakfast Restaurants in St. Augustine

Ready for a Florida-filled breakfast? You can’t go wrong with any of the below restaurants in St. Augustine on your upcoming getaway. Maple Street Biscuit We love a good ol’ plate full of classic comfort food- and Maple Street Biscuit ... read more
sunny weather is st augustine

What is the Weather Like in St. Augustine Year-Round?

St. Augustine is a year-round mini-paradise. Avoiding many of the intense heat waves of South Florida while also narrowly missing the snow and strong cold winds of the north, St. Augustine is tucked away in the perfect spot. Spring We ... read more
st. augustine history

Explore St. Augustine’s Top Historic Sites

St. Augustine is filled to the brim with fascinating historic sites. If you want to soak in the enthralling history of the famous ancient city on your next vacation getaway, make sure you add the below three spots to your ... read more
where to get coffee near st. augustine

Check Out the Best St. Augustine Coffee Shops on Your Vacation

You can’t live without coffee. As you hustle and bustle along the streets of St. Augustine, hitting all the top historic attractions and hanging out at the beach, you have to make sure you nail down your local coffee stops. ... read more


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