Plan a Romantic Escape to St. Augustine for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day in St. Augustine, Florida, uniquely blends historical charm and romantic ambiance. This picturesque city, known for its Spanish colonial architecture and Atlantic Ocean beaches, is a perfect destination for couples. 

Whether exploring the quaint streets, enjoying gourmet dining, or relaxing by the beach, get ready for a romantic St. Augustine getaway. From the historical landmarks to the serene beaches, the city promises an incredible vacation for lovebirds.

Explore the City

St. Augustine’s rich history and stunning architecture make it an ideal place for couples to explore together. Wander hand-in-hand through the cobblestone streets and discover hidden gems at every turn. 

Visit the famous Castillo de San Marcos, a 17th-century Spanish fortress offering panoramic views of the city and the sea. Enjoy the vibrant art scene by visiting local galleries, or relax in one of the many charming parks. 

St. Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum

The St. Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum is a must-visit. Climb the 219 steps to the top of the lighthouse for breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean and the city. The museum showcases maritime history, offering a glimpse into the past with exhibits on shipwrecks, pirate lore, and the life of a lighthouse keeper. The picturesque setting of the lighthouse, coupled with its rich history, makes it a perfect spot for a romantic stroll.

Tour Flagler College

Flagler College, known for its stunning Spanish Renaissance architecture, is a testament to the city’s rich history. Take a guided tour to learn about the college’s history, including its beginnings as the luxurious Ponce de Leon Hotel. 

Admire the intricate details of the buildings, from the Tiffany-stained glass windows to the handcrafted woodwork. This architectural marvel provides a romantic and educational experience for couples.

Take a Romantic Carriage Ride

Carriage ride in St. Augustine

Experience the charm of St. Augustine with a romantic horse-drawn carriage ride. Cozy up with your partner as you ride through the city’s historic streets. The gentle clip-clop of the horse’s hooves and the soft glow of the streetlights create a magical atmosphere. It’s a timeless way to see the city and enjoy each other’s company in a unique setting.

Sample Local Flavors

St. Augustine is not just about historic sites; it’s also a haven for food lovers. The city offers various dining experiences including many St. Augustine romantic restaurants. Sample the local seafood, indulge in southern comfort food, or enjoy international cuisine. 

Dining in St. Augustine is not just about the food; it’s about the experience, the ambiance, and the opportunity to create special memories with your loved one.

Whetstone Chocolate Factory

For chocolate lovers, visiting the Whetstone Chocolate Factory is a treat. Take a tour to learn about the chocolate-making process, from bean to bar. The highlight is the tasting session, where you can sample a variety of chocolates and find your favorite flavor. It’s a sweet and indulgent experience perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Food Tours

Embark on a culinary adventure with one of St. Augustine’s food tours. These guided tours take you to multiple restaurants and food spots around the city, giving you a taste of local flavors and specialties. It’s a fun and delicious way to explore the city and enjoy a variety of dishes. Walking from place to place adds a casual, exploratory element to your romantic day.

Have Brunch at O.C. White’s

Start your day with a delightful brunch at O.C. White’s. This restaurant is set in a historic building and offers a cozy ambiance and delicious cuisine. Choose from a menu of classic brunch items, seafood, and southern specialties. Enjoy your meal on their picturesque outdoor patio overlooking the scenic waterfront.

Date Night at Raintree Restaurant

For a romantic evening, Raintree Restaurant is an excellent choice. This restaurant, set in a Victorian home, offers a unique dining experience with its elegant setting and gourmet menu. 

The ambiance is perfect for a date night, with its intimate dining rooms and beautiful garden. Enjoy a meal under the stars or inside the charming restaurant for a memorable Valentine’s dinner.

Get Drinks

After dinner, enjoy a nightcap at one of St. Augustine’s cozy bars or lounges. Whether you prefer a classic cocktail, local craft beer, or fine wine, there’s a spot for every taste. These establishments offer great drinks and a warm, inviting atmosphere ideal for winding down the evening.

Ice Plant Bar

The Ice Plant Bar is a popular spot for drinks in St. Augustine. Housed in a renovated ice plant, this bar offers a unique setting with its vintage decor and historic charm. They specialize in handcrafted cocktails made with fresh, local ingredients. It’s a great place to enjoy a drink and soak in the ambiance.

San Sebastian Winery

For wine enthusiasts, San Sebastian Winery is a must-visit. Take a tour to learn about winemaking and sample their award-winning wines. The rooftop bar offers stunning city views, making it a perfect spot to relax and enjoy wine with your partner.

Romantic Things To Do in St. Augustine

St. Augustine offers plenty of romantic activities for couples. Visit the Castillo de San Marcos, a historic fort with stunning views. Discover the Love Trees, where two trees grow together, symbolizing love and unity. 

Enjoy a sunset sail along the coast for a tranquil and scenic experience. Or, treat yourselves to a spa day for ultimate relaxation.

Castillo de San Marcos

The Castillo de San Marcos is not just a historic site; it’s a romantic destination. Walk the grounds of this ancient fort, hand in hand, and take in the views of the Matanzas River. The fort’s history and architecture add a sense of timelessness to your visit, making it a memorable part of your romantic getaway.

Plan Your Visit

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Visit a Love Tree

St. Augustine’s Love Trees are a unique and romantic sight. Currently, around seven of these love trees are to be found around the city. These are pairs of trees growing so closely that they’re entwined, symbolizing strength and unity in love. Finding and visiting these trees can be a fun and romantic scavenger hunt for couples, adding a unique twist to your trip.

Take a Sunset Sail

A sunset sail is a romantic activity that one must not miss in St. Augustine. Hop on board the Schooner Freedom, a 76-foot steel vessel built in Norfolk, Virginia, and brought to St. Augustine by Captain John Zaruba and his wife, Admiral Sarah, in 2001. Freedom is the only schooner charter vessel between Charleston and the Florida Keys. 

Witness the sun descending below the horizon, casting a warm glow over the city and the sea while enjoying the peacefulness of the water and the beauty of the sunset. 

Have a Spa Day

For a relaxing and rejuvenating experience, consider a spa day. There are several St. Augustine spas to choose from, including Bodhi + Sol, where you can enjoy massages, facials, and other treatments. It’s a great way to unwind and spend some peaceful time together, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Where To Stay

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