Downtown Homes

From big homes on the water to one-bedroom cottages by the river, downtown St. Augustine vacation rentals are varied and eclectic. All St. Augustine rentals downtown manage to capture that emotional St. Augustine energy, channeling old historic coquina architecture with lovely Old Florida vibes. Saint Augustine vacation rentals include welcoming features for the whole family, including:

  • Well-stocked kitchen spaces 
  • Patio spaces or rooftop decks to admire the surrounding scenery
  • Great location near state parks, such as Faver-Dykes. Faver-Dykes State Park is one of the most revered park escapes in and around St. Augustine.
  • Visit Anastasia island for some fun by the sand or soak in the historic attractions of downtown- both within a short drive.

Book Your Downtown Home in St. Augustine

All of this is stowed away in the warm and cozy setting of downtown St. Augustine. There are top-rated and beloved attractions in the area, like the spooky Old Jail and the family-friendly favorite Potter’s Wax Museum. Both capture that weird energy of the city and its many historical charms. The Old Jail makes a great companion to a tour with Ghosts and Gravestones. Potter’s Wax Museum is a fantastic spot to see after a few hours in Ripley’s Believe it, or Not or a stop for some sandwiches at Mojo’s- both are within a block.

Stay With us at Saint Augustine Vacation Rentals

Come to St. Augustine, where the water is glorious, and the weather is lovely year-round. Review the complete list of available St. Augustine vacation rentals to find the ideal idyllic escape for you and your crew. And there’s nothing like staying in a real home. It’s more than a nook four stories up with a community pool. This is a space someone calls home- and it could be your home as long as you stay in the weird and wild world of St. Augustine.



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