What is the Weather Like in St. Augustine Year-Round?

St. Augustine is a year-round mini-paradise. Avoiding many of the intense heat waves of South Florida while also narrowly missing the snow and strong cold winds of the north, St. Augustine is tucked away in the perfect spot.


We start with possibly the best season to visit St. Augustine beaches. Spring is beautiful, and it can’t be overstated. The weather hovers cozily around the 75 F, with periodic dips to the high 60’s and rises to the mid 80’s. 

While Florida is a humid subtropical region, spring in St. Augustine somewhat escapes the most intense weather of the subtropics. Consider that St. Augustine is very far north in Florida and the last major town prior to Georgia in the north (excluding Jacksonville). The strong humidity, while present, is not a major factor, especially in the spring.

the bay in st augustine


The summer may be a fantastic time to visit because the kids are out of school. But it can get a little toasty. 

Fortunately, St. Augustine also enjoys that beautiful water breeze because it is a coastal city. The main downtown area is right on the water.

Furthermore, our St. Augustine beachfront rentals are sprinkled along the coast, giving you a great opportunity to cool down.

The muggiest period of the year extends from April to November, and August is generally the most humid. Early summer travels may avoid many of the steamiest days.

The temperature hovers around the high 80’s in the summer. It rarely dips below 70 F during June, July, and August, and could peak into the 90’s during the height of the day. Fortunately, St. Augustine rarely reaches above about 95 F, so St. Augustine visitors and locals are spared the more severe temperatures.  

Although it isn’t guaranteed, a sustained 90+ shouldn’t always be expected. With that said, summer is hot. Pack accordingly, including light dresses, multiple shorts and t-shirts, and light formal wear.


Fall is delightful. As the summer recedes and the clouds become denser, the cooler fall season enters gracefully. September is the hottest month in the fall season, with temperatures ranging from 72 F to 87 F. September is also features the most rainfall out of the year. September 5th is touted as the rainiest average day of the year in historic St. Augustine

November is a bit cooler, with a range of 57 F to 75 F. It is also, notably, one of the driest months of the year. The driest day on record in the city is Nov 10th

Florida foliage does not have a particularly striking fall transition. While many of the larger trees may lose most of their leaves, the Spanish moss, marshes, and more remain intact for the season. While this may leave fall lovers missing out on that golden fall foliage, nature admirers can still appreciate that splash of green all year long.

Plan Your Visit

Review our list of available St. Augustine condo rentals for your favorite season and come see the famous coastal city.


Winter is undoubtedly lovely. While it can get a bit chilly during the evening, winter days in St. Augustine typically range from about 67 F to 75 F. Evening lows could reach the low 40’s, with evenings at 46 F and 49 F common during January and February.

So what is the absolute perfect time to visit St. Augustine based on the weather? Springtime features the most ideal climate, but there is something to enjoy all year long.