What is St. Augustine Known For?

What is St. Augustine known for? St. Augustine is known as the ancient city, a term that personifies exactly how historically-rich and fascinating the city is. 

So what secrets does historic St. Augustine hold? What does this “ancient city” term really mean? We look at the magical draw of the country’s oldest, and perhaps most remarkable, little historic city.

Oldest City in the US

As the oldest city in the US, there’s so much to unpack in its history. The Spanish, the English and pirates all held footholds in the city, creating a whirlwind of control and conquering. It created a really enthralling history for the city, and you can see that in its top historical attractions.

The most notable of these is the St. Augustine Pirate and Treasure Museum, an authentic collection of real pirate artifacts. Visitors can see a mock pirate ship and explore interactive exhibits around some of the most infamous pirate masters who ever lived, most of which had a major presence in the ancient city.

You will find many St. Augustine facts involve, in one or another, a powerful pirate!

The constant duels between the Spanish and English can be best explored through the Castillo de San Marcos. This riveting masonry fort is the oldest in the continental United States., Overlooking the Matanzas River, the fort lines the grassy open fields of downtown. Visitors can witness a cannon firing demonstration and visit various nooks of the fort, including a prison and punishment area and the dining hall. If St. Augustine is known for any single attraction, it is this one. Make sure you visit when staying at our St. Augustine beach rentals.

One of the Best Holiday Light Displays

Historic Downtown lights up every season, from mid-November to late January, with a spectacle of bright white lights. The Nights of Lights celebration stretches the historic downtown area along St. George St. Start from the top, the archway, and work your way down, taking side roads as you explore its many historic gift shops, ice cream parlors, and pizza joints. For shopping enthusiasts, it is a delight. Highlights include the Hyppo where you can nab a fresh frozen popsicle, and Pizalley’s, an Italian eatery and café with some of the best pizza in town. 

On the southern end of St. George St sits the famous courtyard. Venture along its perimeter to see Flagler College and the iconic and unmistakable Lightner Museum.

golf ball in the golden hour

The World Golf Hall of Fame

Golfing culture looms large over St. Augustine. The World Golf Hall of Fame is a museum celebrating the best of the sport, female and male, through artifacts, photography, videos, and even special events. Near the museum is the Caddyshack restaurant, a popular spot for gold enthusiasts known for its Bill Murray-inspired artwork and décor (Bill Murray, alongside his brothers, are also the owners).

Plan Your Vacation

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Other Fun Facts

St. Augustine is rich in fun facts and oddities. For most, St. Augustine is known almost exclusively for its notorious haunts. The city is frequented by ghost hunters and enthusiasts who hear nothing but genuinely thrilling stories of sightings and scares. The St. Augustine Lighthouse is the quintessential ghost destination- a haunting and creepy locale for believers. It is said multiple people have fallen to their death and still linger around the lighthouse grounds. 

St. Augustine is also home to the oldest masonry fort in the country, the Castillo de San Marcos. One of the city’s top attractions, the Cathedral Basilica, dates back to 1565!

The city has 450 years of history to delve through. You may discover many more fun facts as you lurk deeper into its storied history. 

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