Where is St. Augustine?

Known as the ancient city, and for good reason, St. Augustine has steadily grown through the ranks to sit as one of Florida’s finest vacation getaways. So what makes St. Augustine so spectacular? And perhaps just as importantly- where is St Augustine?


St. Augustine sits in the northeast, Florida, against the Atlantic Ocean. 

Jacksonville is about 30 minutes north of St. Augustine and Daytona Beach is about 60 minutes south. Orlando is about a two-hour drive from St. Augustine.

The city is part of St. Johns County and is generally divided into three main areas.

The first is the main downtown district, home to the popular St. George St, the Castillo de San Marcos, and the oldest school. Downtown houses the area’s historical attractions and many peculiar shops. The second area is St. Augustine Beach, home to surf shops, the pavilion area, and some of the finest seafood restaurants along the Atlantic. Finally, you have Vilano Beach, the northern beach access point for St. Augustine. The beach is quieter and shopping is scarce, but it offers a lovely and calm place to escape to. 

aerial view of st augustine
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Directions to St Augustine will vary depending on where you are coming in from. 

Most domestic and international travelers will enter the region via the Orlando International Airport in the southwest of St. Augustine or the Jacksonville Airport, just north. Jacksonville is certainly closer and the better option if the schedule works for you. It is also extremely easy to get from Jacksonville to St. Augustine. Visitors will utilize 95-S, and head down about 30 miles before they hit an important exit for St. Augustine. The appropriate exit to get to the city is 318, and it will carry you neatly directly into downtown St. Augustine via state road 16. Carry S.R. 16 to its end and turn right onto San Marco Ave. here you will drive directly through downtown.

Plan Your Vacation

No matter how you choose to travel to St. Augustine, there is a world of fun and rich culture waiting when you arrive. The beach is spectacular. During your mornings and evenings, you can escape to the quiet respite of St. Augustine’s beaches. Our St Augustine condo rentals are ideal for beach lovers. Review all of our St. Augustine rentals to find the best one for you!

From Orlando, it is a bit trickier. The only main artery out of Orlando is Interstate 4 or I-4. After leaving the airport, follow clear signage for I-4. Take I-4 E for about 50 minutes until you see signs for I-95. The exit will be on your left, so take it and follow the ramp to connect to I-95 N.

You will then follow this up for about an hour until you reach exit 298 or the further north exit 318. Both will bring you into the city. The former exit will take up along U.S. 1 while the latter will take you along S.R. 16. 

We recommend sticking to main roads, such as U.S. 1 and S.R. 16, on your way to our St. Augustine beachfront rentals. Contact us for additional directions as needed.

Things to Do

St. Augustine is filled with fun, from renowned restaurants to family-friendly adventures by the water. We cover our top three things to do on your trip:

  • The Alligator Farm: A blast for all ages, The Alligator Farm collects species of alligators (and other animals) from all over the world. It is an absolute delight- especially feeding time!
  • The Old Jail: Spooky and mysterious, the Old Jail is the defining spot for anyone who loves prison stories of old. 
  • Castillo de San Marcos: This landmark fort was a major site of contention throughout several battles and serves as one of St. Augustine’s top historic sites. Watch a cannon reenactment to get the most of your trip.

If you can’t find something wonderful open during your stay, simply walk St. George St and admire the views. And the Bayfront runs right along downtown.