Go Surfing on Your Next St. Augustine Vacation

Surfing is a major part of the cultural identity of St. Augustine. So what better way to steep yourself in the ancient city by grabbing a surfboard, learning about surfing, and hitting the waves with enthusiasm? We cover everything you need to know to find a board- and find some help standing up- right here in this coastal Florida haven.

Surf Shops

Surf shops are plentiful in St. Augustine, but not all are created equal. Below we highlighted our three favorites spots to stock up on what you need for some St. Augustine surf.

The Surf Station is the crème of the crop. A bottom floor has all the accessories you could ever ask for, including apparel, protective gear, and supplies such as water containers and leashes. The upstairs is filled to the brim with boards for all shapes, sizes, and budgets. If you need to learn about surfing or need to pick up some quality gear, no place is better equipped for the task.

Aqua East on the beachside is one of the top-tier surf shops in St. Augustine. While smaller than Surf Station, it focuses on apparel, including all the varieties of swimwear, footwear, and costume jewelry. It also emphasizes standup paddleboarding and a generally active lifestyle. It is located at 1850 A1A S.

Pit Surf has the added benefit of being right on the water. Need something for your surf day? Stop right in while barely leaving the beach. Pit Surf is also the closest surf shop to our St. Augustine vacation rentals. It is welcoming for surfer novices with its affordable selections and focus on apparel. 

Surf Camps

While surf shops can get you equipped, you may be missing out on the answer to an important question- how do you surf, anyway?

Thankfully, St. Augustine surf school can get you on the right track. Two of the locations noted above offer a dedicated surf school. These are the Surf Station and Pit Surf. 

The Surf Station has a very flexible summer schedule with dedicated classes for youth beginners and adult intermediates alike. All classes provide necessary gear. Surf Station courses are award-winning and landmark examples of Florida surf education. The Surf Station may offer dedicated courses geared to the age and skill of the group.

Pit Surf offers camp weekly, Monday through Thursday 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The camp boasts a 4:1 student to instructor cap so students feel they are being adequately taught. There are also options for epoxy, fiberglass, or soft-top boards to fit your needs.

Students can also receive free gear and in-store discounts prior to completion of the course. The minimum age requirement is 7. All instructors for both camps are CPR certified. 

Plan Your Visit

We have a number of top-rated Saint Augustine vacation rentals for you to browse. Our St. Augustine beachfront rentals really get you right in the heart of what makes the city special.

Surf Tournaments

It wouldn’t be a surf capital of Florida without seasonal surf tournaments. Tournaments range from serious competitive affairs to goofy family events. The Pups and Sups, though lacking in serious competition, is a nice opportunity to see dogs surf in St. Augustine. The Aqua East Fest sponsored by Aqua East Surf Shop is a local highlight, prioritizing talent and skill right in the city. The Surf Station’s own Gabe’s Grom Contest also brings out some of the most skilled surfers in the community. Finally, the ESA St. Augustine Florida District hosts a sanctioned and more formal competitive series of events in May.

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Places to Stay 

We have options to sleep groups as small as two or as big as 12 from quiet St. Augustine condo rentals to large-scale vacation homes. Contact us for more information about how you can secure the ideal escape for you and your surf-loving crew.