Visit Olde Towne Toys for Last-Minute Holiday Shopping on Your St. Augustine Vacation

There is something special about giving a gift you found while on holiday. It lets the recipient feel like you were thinking of them while you were away from them.

If you are looking for fun things to do with the kids while you are staying in a St. Augustine vacation rental, then Olde Towne Toys is a must. It’s so much more than just a store.

If you prefer to just relax and let the world’s worries wash away, you can do that, too. You will find great shops, plenty of places for dining out, and all the shops you need for all your supplies during your St. Augustine Vacation. 

About Olde Towne Toys

Olde Towne Toys was started by a couple of moms in the area to fill a void. St. Augustine is a great community but was sadly lacking when it came to choices for their kids’ entertainment and education. These moms were determined to create a place where kids could have fun and learn at the same time. These toys are all curated to amuse, entertain, and educate, many of them all at the same time. 

They carry toys for the bathtub, toys geared towards learning about science and nature, kits that allow kids to build things, and plenty of items to keep kids entertained and allow play outside for fresh air and exercise.

They carry a wide range of toys that allow children to play independently, or in a group, and provide a chance to improve all their young skills, including language, motor skills, logistical thought, and music. 

Kids will be encouraged to make things, build structures, make pretty friendship bracelets, make music, and experiment with science and nature. For those who prefer quiet time, there are markers, pens, coloring books, and journals. 

If you are looking for great activities to do with the kids, there are more than enough entertaining and educational things to do. When you are looking for things to do in St. Augustine, be sure to book activities when you book your condo rental.

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Hours and Location

Olde Towne Toys are easy to find. They are located at 300 S Ponce De Leon Blvd, St. Augustine. If you do plan on visiting them, it’s helpful to know that they are closed on Sunday and Monday as well as holidays.

If you are visiting St. Augustine around Halloween, they do carry items and clothing that may be used for a costume. If you have booked your condo rental in St. Augustine around Christmas, then you are in for a treat!

You can also pick up some great gifts at Olde Towne Toys for your kids and all the kids on your gift list. They carry great gift ideas for kids of all ages, including dolls, stickers, toys to encourage imagination, and games that make you work out puzzles in a logical way.

If you are staying in a St. Augustine rental home, then you can easily reach the Olde Towne Toy store by car. It’s an easy drive up the coastal highway. You will want to take your time so you can take in the spectacular views. 

Plan Your Visit

If you are looking for a great place to take a vacation, contact St. Augustine Vacation Rentals to book your condo. There are plenty of things to do and see when you stay in St. Augustine, including swimming, fishing, watersports, chartered tours, and more.