Family Friendly Activities in Saint Augustine

There many St. Augustine activities that families can enjoy, including the Alligator Farm, the ghost tours, a candy factory or two, and a brilliant historic district.

There’s no end to the family-friendly activities in St. Augustine. It was impossible for us to think of the best attraction- so we came up with a few! Below are some fantastic St. Augustine things to do for families.

things to do in Saint Augustine

Marineland Dolphin Adventure

Marineland is in a quaint and isolated part of St. Augustine Beach, and just a very short drive from our St. Augustine vacation rentals. This breezy dolphin adventure features massive tanks with frolicking and playful dolphin. Visitors can sign up to sign with the dolphin or admire from the sides. Various dolphin encounter programs get you and the whole family to connect with these amazing animals, like the dolphin immersion program.

Marineland is impressively small. It is not unreasonable to see just as many guests as dolphins. Unlike major water attractions in Florida, Marineland is a delightfully small-scale and intimate operation for marine lovers.
Participants to all dolphin encounters must be at least five years of age, though all ages can enter general admission. Marineland also features sea turtles, sand tiger sharks, and more.

Colonial Quarter

St. George Street is the city’s main artery, with boutique shops, historic attractions, popcorn kennels, famous pizza stops, and so much more. Near the northern end of St. George Street sits this open courtyard area called the Colonial Quarter. During the summer season, you are bound to find live music. There’s a play area towards the back and some shops circling the courtyard.

Visiting the Colonial Courtyard is always free, unless there’s a special event. It is a spot many families visit as they traverse the famous historic streets of downtown St. Augustine.

things to do in Saint Augustine

Old Town Trolley Tour

What is the OId Town Trolley Tour? It is one of the defining St. Augustine family-friendly activities. St. Augustine is home to numerous trolley cars that curve and propel through the streets. With a day pass, guests can hop on and off as they see fit. It is a great way to get through town easily.

As you navigate one attraction to another, you can listen to the trolley guide offer information about historical buildings, the Castillo de san Marcos, popular ghost sightings in St. Augustine and more. It is an informative trip through St. Augustine. Adults can learn about the ancient city and kids can either learn…or just enjoy the ride through town!

Receive highlights on special points of interest, pinpoint top places you want to eat, and simply soak in the brilliant ambiance of downtown. A trolley tour pass can also get you special access to local attractions, like Potter’s Wax Museum.

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Saint Augustine Aquarium

The St. Augustine Aquarium is a new attraction just on the fringes of St. Augustine. The aquarium is located at 2045 State Road 16, a modest 30-minute drive from our St. Augustine beach rentals. But it is worth the journey, as you can see hundreds of marine animals up close in a cozy and intimate space.

Unlike most aquariums, where you view from behind the glass, at the St. Augustine Aquarium, you can actually jump right in! Visitors snorkel with seahorses, reef fish, and more. The aquarium also has zip lining and a convenient snack bar.


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