See Historic St. Augustine In The Colonial Quarter

The Colonial Quarter is the historic centerpiece of downtown St. Augustine and has been for generations. Interestingly, the location has hardly changed in the generations since its inception. This little courtyard nook is a flashback in time, an important historical landmark representing the deep colonial history of the ancient city. When you stay at one of the St. Augustine condo rentals, you’ll find a fantastic opportunity to deep dive into the city’s historical roots.

Things To Do

The Colonial Quarter is a mostly outdoors museum encompassing the finest of historic St. Augustine. Guests can explore its open two acres, filled with an assortment of historical sites and attractions. There are many things to do for all ages.

  • The Blacksmith: One of the coolest things to do on the site is to visit the blacksmith’s shop. Here you can witness a professional reenactor and historian toil away at his forging. He or she will craft cooking utensils, nails, and an assortment of, at the time, incredibly inventive and unique contractions that today we often take for granted. Some may even be able to get a hands-on demonstration with the instructor.
  • Musket Drill: Grab a 17th-century replica musket and following through every step required to lock it, load it, and fire it away. This musket drill demonstration is a blast, pun intended! The gunsmith will carry eager visitors through the repair, inspection, and testing of historical firearms.
  • Climb the Watchtower: A 35-foot watchtower hovers over the grounds, and visitors can climb it to the very top! Here, guests can absorb a fantastic view of the famous Castillo de San Marcos fort and the Bayfront it sits right up against.

The above only highlights a few of the best things to do at the Colonial Quarter. There’s a lot to unpack when visiting this treasured local attraction.

Things To See

As one of the leading St. Augustine historical sites, the Colonial Quarter offers many things to see as you explore its open grounds. You don’t always need to be doing anything other than standing back and admiring the sights.

leatherwork shop in colonial quarter st. augustine
  • See the De Mesa-Sanchez House: This one-room colonial residence was owned by Royal Treasury shore guard Antonio de Mesa. The building is known for its outstanding care and preservation, acting as a direct line into life in 1740’s St. Augustine.
  • The Leatherworker’s Shop: This excellent shop is filled every square inch with hides, tools, and a wide array of other authentic historical artifacts and necessities. These items were vital to life in the ancient city circa the 1700s and staples of trading and bartering between parties.
  • The Flag Walk: St. Augustine was owned by many different groups in its extensive history. From the British to the French, to the Native Americans to the Spanish, many staked claims in the ancient city. See these groups represented along the Flags Over St. Augustine Boardwalk and trail.

Sights and sounds coat the Colonial Quarter. How many different things can you find throughout its two spacious acres?

Plan Your Next Stay

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Restaurants & Shops

Looking for a bite to eat or a place to see how shopping was done in the 1700s?

  • Taberna del Caballo: Listen to Spanish music and enjoy cold drinks and heart tapas in a gorgeous taberna dance and café hall. 
  • Bull and Crown House: This authentic 18th-century styled pub is a grand place to grab a quick drink.
  • The Gazette Print Shop: The Gazette offers a brilliant step back into the world of early American printing. See exactly how newspapers and other printed materials were created and circulated from the 1770s into the 1900s.

Hours & Pricing

The Colonial Quarter St. Augustine is open every day from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Admission is $12.99 for adults 16 and over, $6.99 for children 5 to 15, and free for children 4 and under.