Top 5 Saint Augustine Museums

After visiting the beautiful beaches in St. Augustine, there is always more to do in the town of “one million attractions.”

There are an endless amount of activities within five miles of our St. Augustine beach rentals, you are bound to run into something incredibly intriguing and a whole lot of fun. We cover our top 5 favorite St. Augustine museums.

St. Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum

The St. Augustine Lighthouse is one of the city’s most treasured attractions. It stands as a testament to the ancient city’s perseverance and captivating history. The lighthouse dates back to 1874, but it doesn’t show! It is still a glorious attraction, with stunning gardens surrounding the space and an intriguing maritime museum for you to explore. You can find daily garden tours, boatmaking programs, and other hands-on family-friendly activities in St. Augustine.

The lighthouse has become the “front porch light of the city,” and we couldn’t be prouder to see it hanging high in the sky.

Admission is $12.95 per person. The lighthouse also offers guided lighthouse tours in the evening and special ghost tours for the bravest among you.

Lightner Museum

The Lightner Museum is a spectacular building. It houses some impressive artifacts from the American Gilded Age and is one of the most visited historical attractions in St. Augustine. And while you can find some lovely statues and glowing paintings in the halls of the Lightner, we believe the building itself is the main attraction. Almost every hall and every corner of the museum shows the elegance of the area. It was built in 1888 by business tycoon Henry Flagler. The museum sits right across the street from Flagler College, and once stood as the famous Alcazar Hotel.

st augustine museum
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Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

Did you ever want to learn more about the guy covered entirely in tattoos, including his tongue? How about the story of the woman who can pop her eyes out of her head or the man who was just over a foot tall?

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! collects the weird (and the extremely weird) in a funhouse of cool attractions, games, and more. Kids are typically free to run around and explore as they see fit, jumping from one oddball locale to another. There are all sorts of peculiar family-friendly activities in St. Augustine right here in the varied halls of Ripley.

Potter’s Wax Museum

Potter’s is a local oddity. It is a funhouse of cool and clever wax figures of characters both real and fictitious Kids will have a blast picking out the ones they recognize (or getting embarrassed about the ones they don’t!). Potter’s Wax Museum houses Queen Victoria, Dobby, Yoda from Star Wars, Austin Powers, and a whole lot more. Potter’s is one of many great ways to spend an afternoon in St. Augustine.

St. Augustine Pirate and Treasure Museum

The Pirate and Treasure Museum is so much more than a novelty museum. It has real artifacts and real treasures throughout pirate history. Many major pirate icons are represented her with an eye patch, a story, an hourglass, or a peg leg or two.

The pirate museum also houses the only confirmed and authentic treasure box ever discovered. Learn a bit more about the swashbuckling side of the ancient city.