Go And Catch Your Dinner With These St Augustine Fishing Charters! 

St Augustine is America’s oldest city. Steeped in history, this beach town has great activities for the whole family. For a unique and fun day trip, look into St Augustine fishing charters. Ever dream of reeling in a prize catch? You can go out to the deep sea, just offshore, or inshore with fishing charters near St Augustine. In addition, some St. Augustine fishing charter companies offer other services such as party boats, sunset cruises, dolphin trips, and even alligator-catching trips.

Most fishing charters near St Augustine provide all bait, tackle, safety equipment, and fishing licenses. They will also clean and fillet the fish you catch. The captain of the ship will be an experienced fisherman who can guide you to where the fish are and give you pointers. 

Many of the boats have air-conditioned cabins and bathrooms on board for your comfort. Many times it is recommended to bring snacks, lunch, a camera, a hat, sunglasses, and lotion sunscreen (the use of spray sunscreen is often prohibited). Check with the charter company to find out what exactly is included with each charter.

You can plan a relaxing afternoon fishing with family in sight of the shore, you can go over 30 miles out to see and catch the big fish, or something in between. In St. Augustine, the fish are always biting. Here are a few fishing charters near St. Augustine that can help you have a fun and exciting day on the water.

Drop Down Fish Charters

Captain Alex Miller was born and raised as a St Augustine fisherman. He has boats that can take you out to the sea quickly to catch tuna, large red snapper, sea bass, and more. Captain Miller knows the best spots to go for the biggest fish. Offshore charters can accommodate up to four people, but for an additional fee, you can add up to two more anglers to your trip. Charter excursions with Drop Down can last from four hours up to twelve hours, and anything in between.

You can also charter a boat with Captain Miller to take you on special trips. You can go sightseeing or bird watching. He offers a dolphin tour. You can also charter a boat for an anniversary cruise, birthday party, bachelor or bachelorette party, or any sort of party. With tons of experience under his belt, a Drop Down Fish Charter excursion with Captain Miller is the perfect choice no matter if you’re looking to do some serious fishing or leisurely sightseeing.

Jodie Lynn Sport Fishing

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Jodie Lynn Sport Fishing has three boats. The Jodie Lynn I is a 41-foot vessel that is great for deep-sea fishing and can accommodate up to six passengers. The Jodie Lynn II can hold up to 14 passengers. There is also a skiff in the fleet that has an outboard motor. 

Captain Robert Johnson has a decades-long career as a fisherman in the St Augustine area. He runs the fishing charter business with his wife, Jodie Lynn. They offer a catering service for boat rides and are happy to do sightseeing, corporate events, weddings or burials at sea, and more. They are open year-round and welcome women and children on the fishing charters near St Augustine.


Fishhardy offers private fishing charters for beginner and experienced anglers. You can do a half, three-quarter, or full-day trip with a group of friends, family, or a work party. Fishardy also offers a night fishing charter that targets Tarpon and Bull-Redfish for catch and release. 

There are also dolphin tours, eco-tours, and romantic sunset cruises. Fishardy partners with St Augustine Experiences to provide discounts on guided tours to local restaurants, breweries, or chocolate factories. Captain Jacob Hardy has been fishing in St Augustine his whole life and welcomes you to northeastern Florida.

Reel Dream Fish

The Reel Dream boat is the fastest charter fishing vessel in Northeast Florida. It has a 42-foot overall length and a top speed of 65 mph. Reel Dream will take you to offshore fishing spots fast so you get more time fishing. 

Reel Dream offers only offshore trips that are full-day. The trip length is 11 hours or 18 hours. You have the option of booking the boat for you and your group, or you can buy a seat on an already scheduled voyage. Fishing excursions focus on tuna or bottom fishing.

The Legend Fishing Adventures

Captain Brian Middleton is legendary in northeast Florida for his ability to find where the large fish are swimming. There are two boats in The Legend Fishing Adventures fleet. The Legendary is a 45-foot sport fish boat. It has been renovated for a comfortable, unique fishing experience. You’ll feel like you are fishing from a house. 

The Legend is a newer 50-foot boat that has also been customized for anglers’ comfort. The third boat in the fleet, also called The Legend is an inshore fishing boat that allows you to experience fishing in St Augustine at an affordable price.

For What It’s Worth

For What it’s Worth has a variety of St Augustine fishing charter experiences  For a four-hour charter you can go 10-15 miles off the shore of St. Augustine and bottom fish the local reefs and wrecks. A six-hour trip takes you to slightly deeper water and allows you to find some King Mackeral, Shark, and Mahi Mahi. 

The full-day eight- or ten-hour charter takes you up to 70 miles out to sea where you can find Tuna, Wahoo, and Sailfish. If you don’t want to go that far out you can take an Intracoastal excursion where you can anchor close to shore to swim followed by a dock close to a local lunch or dinner spot. 

Captain Chris Worth will take you offshore fishing or boating on his 266 Sea Fox Commander boat, which has plenty of space for six passengers and gear.

Plan Your Visit

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Game On Fishing Charters

Game On Fishing Charters offers inshore and offshore trips where you will be able to fish and keep your catch. For more adventure, you can go shark fishing. Catching a shark is an experience you will never forget. 

Sharks will be caught and released, and anglers often reel in more than one shark on an outing. For even more excitement you can go on an intense, immersive alligator trapping hunt. Multiple gators are usually caught during each excursion and that is guaranteed. 

If you don’t catch a gator (which has never happened yet) you can go on another excursion for free. Captain Adam Burch will also take you on a dolphin cruise, eco-cruise, beachcombing cruise, or sunset cruise.

Endless Summer Charters

Endless Summer Charters strives to provide a fun and memorable experience for all of their guests. They are in the business of creating positive memories You can choose between sports fishing trips, deep sea fishing, team-building outings, or bachelor/bachelorette parties. 

A fishing expedition may be a great activity for your family, even if none of you have ever fished before. Endless Summer Charters will supply you with everything you need and help you every step of the way. Endless Summer Charters is happy to teach anyone how to fish because they love sharing their passion with others.

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