The Best Instagrammable Spots in St. Augustine

Could any Florida city be any prettier than St. Augustine? Stay at one of the available St. Augustine beachfront rentals and see it all for yourself. From sweeping beach sides to historic locales, below are our seven favorite spots to snap a stellar photo.

Magnolia Avenue

For possibly the best of all the St. Augustine Instagram spots, stop at Magnolia Ave. 

For just under a mile, you have a side road draped and coated in epic Spanish moss. The moss dangles nicely over the avenue, creating what is almost a tunnel of sensational natural beauty. The most common shot is from below looking up, scaling back into the horizon and down the street.

The street runs right along with the famous Fountain of Youth attraction- equally known for its sprawling Spanish moss. 

If you search St. Augustine and find a little road with Spanish moss everywhere, it is almost certainly Magnolia Avenue in St. Augustine. 

Bridge of Lions

The Bridge of Lions connects downtown St. Augustine with St. Augustine Beach, and is traversed by thousands every day. It is also a work of art in its own right. Walkers and bikers will take to the sides, admiring sailboats and the downtown city line from its peak elevation. 

The Bridge of Lions in St. Augustine is not very long. You could walk it to the end and back in about 15 minutes. But you’ll spend much more time getting a great selfie with downtown in the back. 

st augustine stone lion
Photo from Shutterstock

St. George St.

St. George Street in St. Augustine is the main artery through downtown. Only available for walking, the street is lined with boutique shops and restaurants. St. George can be walked in an afternoon, but for a picture, we suggest heading to the courtyard at its southern end or the archway at its northern tip, the latter acting as a gateway into the city. 

Aviles St

Aviles is rather underappreciated for its gorgeous public art galleries and its variety of acclaimed restaurants, like the La Herencia Café and Gaufres.

Aviles is small, built with red brick, giving it a very classic and historic feel. It continues around where St. George Street leaves off in the southern side of downtown. 

Aviles Street in St. Augustine has plenty of picture-taking spots, but the best ones can be found by looking up. Trees drape delicately over the buildings and balconies give the street an upwards dimension that is hard to ignore. It all makes for a lovely and romantic walk down a slightly quieter street compared to St. George. 

Plan Your Vacation

Finding the perfect spot to snap a photo is a breeze in scenic St. Augustine. With so many inconic areas, you are sure to get plenty of great pictures. Contact us today to plan your trip and find a vacation rental to meet your needs!

The St. Augustine Red Door

What is the famous red door in St. Augustine? In downtown St. Augustine, on a well-trafficked street, is a radiant red door you won’t miss. With a Spanish colonial style dating back well over 100 years, the door makes for a perfect picture spot. 

It may not even be the door itself that is the top attraction. Occasionally, the homeowners will open the door to unveil a sensational garden space and historic courtyard. Because this is still a residence, we won’t disclose the address. You’ll have to stumble upon this treasured gem yourself! It is also not the only charming and rustic Old Florida home you will find. The St. Augustine garden club home tour gives you the chance to see many local residences.

The Cross at Our Lady Leche

Look towards the northern side of town and you are bound to see, high in the skyline, a massive cross hovering in the sky. This 70-ton cross stands over the bayfront and has done so for over 400 years. It also makes an iconic photo after you walk through the gardens towards the water. Our Lady Leche is certainly most of the most iconic things to see (and document seeing) in the city!

Under the Pier

Head to St. Augustine Beach for that classic beach photo, with the pier floating over you and the waves crashing calmly against the sands. There’s little more you can ask for from a classic St. Augustine Beach photo. 
As you can see from the above, the best spot comes down to preference. Do you love the beach or love the Spanish moss? Do you adore historical sites or love a good plate of local food? Stay at one of our St. Augustine vacation rentals, and you get it all.