Enjoy a Sunset Cruise in St. Augustine

Oh, a sunset cruise. Only a few of the things to do in St. Augustine are as instantly magical and memorable. The city is hardly short of different ways you can experience the sunset. Whether via a pirate ship or a group yacht, you can get out on the water for the evening and add some extra romance and wonder to your stay in a St. Augustine beachfront rental.

Red Boat Tours

Red Boat Tours is one of the finest sunset cruises in St. Augustine if you want a cost-affordable romp along the waters while enjoying the St. Augustine weather. Tours escape out of Vilano Beach, a bit northeast of downtown St. Augustine. All tours are BYOB and they carry for about 90 minutes. Cruises are now $24 per person. Have the crew of the White Pelican care for you as the sunglow glistens off the water and settles over the horizon. 

When this happens, the moon settles in. Of course, adults can also stay after dark and see the glow of the moon for the adults only full moon tours.

Sunset cruises are specifically for adults only. But family-friendly tours are also available if you want to discover some dolphin or go sightseeing through Matanzas on a photo excursion. 

The Red Boat Tours offices are open daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Call ahead to confirm your party size and booking date.

woman on st augustine boat ride
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Schooner Freedom Charters

If you want to traverse the waters in something truly special, we recommend Schooner Freedom Charters. You may have even seen the Schooner Freedom in photos of the city or stories from friends. Docked next to the Bridge of Lions near downtown, the Schooner Freedom is a massive 76 feet of steel encompassing about 2400 square feet of sail.

The sunset and moon cruises both carry you south as dolphins dance and the sails clatter against the beams. No loud engines booming in your ears and no yelling here as you cruise gracefully in a bonafide sailing masterpiece.

Sailing trips are about 75 minutes. Booking ahead is absolutely required as trips are not made every day. 

Florida Water Tours

Florida Water Tours offers a variety of tour options, but few are as impactful as the Sunset Cruises. Strictly 21+, Florida Water Tours’ sunset cruises carry you for 90 minutes along the edge of St. Augustine as you see the Bayfront, the famous Castillo de San Marcos, the St. Augustine Lighthouse, and the Bridge of Lions from the dock of an adorable yacht boat.

Departure time will change depending on the season. Unlike other year-round tour options, tours here are seasonal. Tours are limited during the peak of winter. We recommend calling ahead to confirm hours of operation and trip availability.

Plan Your Vacation

A sunset cruise is a perfect way to cap off a long day of fun in St. Augustine. We have a variety of Saint Augustine vacation rentals for you to peruse. Simply select your favorite of our St. Augustine rentals or a St. Augustine condo rental and find a historic haven in Florida waiting for you.

Sunset cruises are $29 per person. Adults can also opt for the special wine tasting tour where you receive an assortment of local wines and guided information about the city, wildlife, and historic landmarks. 

Private cruises are also available in a variety of formats. Call the team for a quote and available bookings. If you have young ones, you have options. Families can hop onboard for family-oriented adventures, like the Dolphin and Wildlife Adventure for $26 per person. You can also confirm a private sunset booking for families based on age, availability, and other needs.

Florida Water Tours is located at 107 Yacht Club Dr A-19, sailing out of the local dockyard. Reservations are required for all bookings. Free parking is available on-site and all boats have a bar and restrooms.