How to Work with a Property Management Company

If only we could make money while doing…well…nothing.

Earning a passive income by utilizing your assets is the ultimate goal of the American Dream. If you have a home, and a little bit of determination, you can absolutely make additional money without added work.

All you need is to begin working with a property manager in St. Augustine who is capable of harnessing your home to make you money every single month. 

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How Are We Different?

We love St. Augustine, and we love to share that passion with guests. Our team has consistently worked with a wide assortment of property owners in St. Augustine. From the beach to the interior, downtown to the rural stretches of the area, we have formulated strong and effective strategies to help eager homeowners generate a profit with their St. Augustine vacation rental homes.

Our goal is to make working with us seamless and effective. This is why we charge a simple 20% management fee. This includes credit card fees, accounting, marketing, distribution, access to a full-service maintenance team, and everything else in between.

It is the ultimate in comprehensive and flat-fee service. We send payments to owners the second week of every month. We also set agreeable contract terms that consider your unique needs. For example, we don’t lock owners into a specific term. You can leave whenever you want. You can end the contract with minimal written notice at your discretion, giving you the freedom to accommodate for life’s changes.

Of course, we do ask that you honor any booked guests at the time of closing the contract. You can learn more on our website, or call us directly at 904.325.3448.

What Do We Do

Managing a property isn’t necessarily easy. But, we have a wealth of knowledge about St. Augustine, including what makes it so attractive, what your home is worth, and how to make the most out of every vacation experience for your guests. This extends beyond just the home itself.

As long time professionals, we know exactly how to sell St. Augustine as the de-facto destination in North Florida.

Our knowledgeable staff has years of experience with real people, visitors, and locals alike. This allows us to respond appropriately and quickly to needs, while you enjoy the freedom and comfort of knowing your home is secure and your guests are enjoying their trip. We can screen questions regarding local hotspots, high and low seasons, and rates for similar properties in the area. Further, we know market trends and top St Augustine attractions in and out, so we can effectively advertise for your home.

We also firmly respond to any emergency issues 24 hours a day. You can sleep soundly without ever getting an unwanted call from us late at night. This provides a stark contrast to do-it-yourself home rental management where late night and last-minute calls can be the norm. Unexpected fixes, difficult guests, and a variety of other issues make managing a home a needless headache and burden on your family.

At Saint Augustine Vacation Rentals, we make sure to only get the finest guests, giving you appropriate security. For example, we require all of our guests to be 25 years of age or older. It is a strict policy that makes sure you are getting more mature guests to your home. We also verify ID upon check-in.

Let us do the heavy work. Let us screen guests, protect your home, and make you money.

What to Expect

We are on the cusp of a staggering travel boom. It’s no secret that people are cooped up. When those travel plans take effect, we will be able to capitalize on them by offering the best vacation rentals in St. Augustine FL. Let us help you make passive income by harnessing the capabilities of your vacation home and giving guests a great experience so they come back to you. Working with us at Saint Augustine Vacation Rentals ensures that you reach a large audience of people who will be excited to rent your home.

When you work with Saint Augustine Vacation Rentals, you can expect a seamless experience, ensuring your home is protected from any issues that may arise and is marketed to great guests. We do the work, giving you every freedom you need to relax, make money, and build you and your family’s future.