Where Can You Go Golfing in St. Augustine?

St. Augustine is home to a number of splendid places to play golf. Be sure to find the best spots for you when you stay at one of our acclaimed St. Augustine condo rentals. 

From northeast Florida’s king of golfing at the World Golf Village to the county’s prized gem, St. Johns Golf and Country, here are the best of the St. Augustine golf courses.

St. Johns Golf and Country Club

St. Johns Golf and Country Club is the defining local golf course and club. The 18-hole course is designed by master course builder, Clyde Johnston, and is a great place to get out and enjoy the St. Augustine weather. Players can enjoy five sets of tees with the addition of a family tee off, making for a range of 7,250 yards down to 2,400 yards. The course is well-designed for novice players and is rather accessible for younger places learning the ropes of the game. For a modest challenge, with a priority on picturesque vies and flatter terrain, this is the best course in the area. Players can utilize a practice area, a well-stocked golf shop, personalized golf balls, and a mobile beverage cart.

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South Hampton Golf Club

South Hampton is easy to find and very affordable. Players can jump in a game after 2 p.m. for $25. Rounds Monday through Thursday before 2 p.m. are $35 and games Friday through Sunday before 2 p.m. are $45. 

South Hampton prides itself on its player-friendly openness. The course is coated with 60 bunkers and sixteen expansive lakes, providing an ethereal backdrop to every hole. The clubhouse, with its own large grille restaurant, offers some nice post-game respite whether you win big or simply push your skills and learn the field.

The club is located at 315 South Hampton Club Way. Call the team directly at (904) 287-7529 for booking details and current tee times.

The King and the Bear – World Golf Village

World Golf Village is the crème of the crop- the defining clubhouse for golfing in northeast Florida.

The World Golf Village is about 25 minutes from downtown Florida just off I-95. It consists of two main golf courses, the King and the Bear and the Slammer and Squire.

The King and the Bear is the real prize for knowledgeable players, earning its name from Arnold Palmer (the King) and Jack Nicklaus (the Bear)- the course’s lead designers.

Boasting 7,279 yards of comprehensive play from the back tees, players will engage with dense pines, scattered lakes, and fast greens. The course design prioritizes a fast premium driving game. Stay on your toes and keep your focus, as the King and the Bear invites a dedicated challenge.

Players can also indulge in the many perks of playing at the World Golf Village, including dinner at The Legends Grille. It also makes a good “double day.” Follow up your day at the King and the Bear with a more challenge-centric romp at the Slammer and Squire.

Plan Your Visit

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Cimarrone Golf Club

Cimarrone is a dazzling and perhaps underrated golf course in the area. This semi-private course opens you up to 6,900 yards of uneven terrain and assorted water hazards. Greenside mounds keep you in focus as you navigate across one of David Poselthwait’s best-designed Florida courses.

The 10,000 square foot clubhouse is also accessible to members. The course is located at 2800 Cimarrone Blvd near historic St. Augustine