5 Delicious St. Augustine Pizza Restaurants To Try

It’s pizza time in St. Augustine! We cover our top favorite St. Augustine pizza spots for when you come and visit the ancient city’s best St. Augustine rentals. From the beach to downtown, and everywhere in between, pizza in St. Augustine rocks.

Pizza Time

To many, Pizza Time is the defining pizza place in St. Augustine. This downtown favorite is highly acclaimed, winning awards for years and years back-to-back. Most notably, TripAdvisor ranked Pizza Time as the second best pizza spot in the country in 2015.

Pizza Time provides genuine New York-styled pizza as if straight out of Brooklyn. Visitors can come for a whole pie or a single slice.

The restaurant offers all the topping staples you can expect with authentic NYC-styled crust. It is not uncommon to find a line running outside the building. Delivery is not available nor is call ahead at this time. Pizza Time caters to downtown walkers and meets that demand every day of the week.

Pizza Time is situated right in the center of downtown in historic St. Augustine at 124 St George St. it is open daily from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. 

Carmelo’s Marketplace

Carmelo’s is snug away by a local gas station and if you didn’t know it was there, you may just drive on past. But you would definitely be missing out on some of the city’s best pizza. 

More than just a pizza spot, Carmelo’s Marketplace has a full menu of fantastic Italian. You can find deli sandwiches, like turkey, ham, chicken salad, and roast beef, among other. There are also hot sandwiches, like cheese steak, the Philadelphia, sausage and peppers, and meatball.

The prime option for many, though, is the pizza. New York-styled brick oven pizza like the barbeque chicken, primavera, Hawaiian, Mediterranean, and veggie supreme. 

Carmelo’s offers convenient online ordering as well as delivery. Just call ahead for further details about delivery range and the delivery charge.

Carmelo’s is at 146 King St, just outside the main downtown St. Augustine area of St. George St. We don’t recommend walking from downtown to Carmelo’s. Fortunately, the restaurant has a dedicated parking area. 

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Pizzalley’s is a lovely pizza café/restaurant combination. Enter from St. George St, and see some of the best pizza in St. Augustine laid out behind the glass, and order your pizza by the slice. On the other hand you can enter at the back parking lot on Charlotte St. and walk through the Chanti Room, a full restaurant with top-tier Italian. 

Pizalley’s is the closest restaurant on this list to the famous St. Augustine fort, or the Castillo de San Marcos. Be sure to see it after you eat! It is located at 117 St George St. and is open daily from 11 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. with extended hours to 11 p.m. on Saturday and 10 a.m. on Sunday. Delivery is available for select areas with an additional charge.

Borrillo’s Pizzeria

Borrillo’s is hidden away on San Marco a bit north of downtown near the famous white cross of St. Augustine. Borrillo’s is most known for its specialty pizzas, including the Borrillo’s Supreme and the margherita. 

There is not outdoor patio, but guests can take advantage of the no-contact delivery to select areas. It is open from 11 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and 10 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

Plan Your Vacation

If you love pizza, St. Augustine’s selection is sure to impress! Contact us today to book your vacation and head down to grab a slice!

Al’s Pizza

This oft-overlooked nook has multiple locations throughout the region. The St. Augustine spot is located in Ponte Vedra Beach, and is our top pizza selection in the area. Delivery is available for its variety of menu items, including calzones, flatbreads, salads, and pizzas.

Al’s is located at 635 A1A N, Ponte Vedra Beach. It is open Sunday to Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m and to 10 p.m. on Friday and Saturday.

While we covered pizza almost exclusively, there are tons of cuisines to be found, including several St. Augustine seafood restaurants. And don’t forget to find a place to stay for the duration of your trip. We offer an assortment of top-quality St. Augustine beachfront rentals. Contact our team for additional information or confirm your well-earned stay away right now.